The key points of safety

Today, companies are aware of the viral threat hanging over them. Yet few of them have implemented a comprehensive security policy.
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About us
We help you to convert your Business Activity in an IT World

Based in Strasbourg-Entzheim (France), CTI is a sofware engineering and services company building and providing IT solutions.

We are working in:

  • Software development
  • Hosting solutions
  • IT Hardware and Network

Created in 1999 CTI has gained experience in each domain by leading several successful projects for their customers.

Our customers are enterprises working in different domain activities based in France and other countries.

Improve information management in your Company in order to improve your Business

Since its inception in 1999 CTI continues to pursue a unique goal:

"Improve information management in your Company"

Experienced in all IT technologies, we aim to build tailor-made solutions in order to best repond to your company's requirements.

A proven methodology and proven successes in multiple fields of activity

As an IT engineering company, expert in tailor-made solutions, we have the methodologies, skills and experience necessary to meet all of your IT needs.

For more than 20 years we are bulding IT solutions around all concepts, technologies, services, softwares, devices available.

Mastering several programming languages we have the necessary expertise to create your software solution.

We are hosting critical and non-critical IT solutions and have means and methodologies to implement and administrate fully or partially hosted IT infrastrctures.

As an IT analyst and expert in several field of activities our team provides a set of multiple IT services in consultancy such as project management, qualification, administration, analysis, implementation and maintenance.

Job Opportunities
Job opportunities

Improvements to be implemented or Issues to be fixed

2 rue Icare
Zone Aéroparc 1
F-67960 Entzheim

Phone +33 3 69 61 71 71